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repelente de aves bird free

Does not harm birds

Ethical and ecological

What is Bird free? 

Bird Free is an advanced method of controlling birds based on their behavior.

Bird behavior is instinctive. It is conditioned by basic needs: food and water, shelter, warmth, safety (from predators). Through sensory stimuli that alter the instinctive responses of birds, Bird Free :

  • Changes bird behavior (instead of acting as a physical barrier)

  • Causes resident birds to leave their long-standing habitats

  • Gives immediate results

  • Eliminates the most severe infestations

  • Proven to be effective for five years

  • It does not cause harm to birds.

repelente de aves bird free

   Elimina el problema más persistente 

The birds change their behavior and leave 

Very effective 


• Impervious to all weather conditions

• Proven effective for five years without the need for replacement

• Invisible from the ground

• Alters the behavior of birds

• Eliminates all infestations, even the most severe ones

• For indoor and outdoor use, even in low light locations.

repelente de aves bird free

   Maximum discretion

The data of afour year studyon nocturnal pigeon roosts show an efficacy of 100%.

Weather resistant

  • Effective for five years without maintenance

  • It is resistant to all weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, etc.)

  • Does not melt in extreme heat

  • Remains effective when discolored by contamination, covered in dust or dirt


Respecting nature

repelente de aves bird free

Success stories

Ayuntamiento de Glasgow

Helsinki estacion de tren

Hospital Quirón Dexeus, Barcelona

Estación de Bristol Temple Meads

Augustus Martin, Londres

Chiesa della Spina, Pisa

Palazzo Venezia, Roma

De Kapel, Culemborg, Países Bajos

Edificio Karstadt, Hamburgo

How does it work? 

Bird free is the synergy of 3 deterrent effects, sight, smell and touch.

It is imperceptible to our naked eye, but it emits a fluorescence when exposed to UV rays that birds perceive as flames of fire.

Contains peppermint oil, an effective bird repellent.

These two effects warn birds not to approach and quickly change their behavior. 

In high-attachment areas, such as nesting grounds, birds may initially persist and if they come close and come into contact with the gel, it is very sticky. Birds hate getting their feathers dirty. 

This will definitely desist from returning.   The high viscosity of the gel prevents the bird from suffering any damage. 


you can buy it here

Before installing, please read the installation manual carefully. If you have any doubts, contact us and we will advise you.  

Manual de


Ficha de seguridad


The box contains 15 units. Of discs.

Disc measurement: diameter of 65 mm and height of 8 mm

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