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hidrofugo, hidrofobico

Surface protection 

Save costs in cleaning and maintenance 



A hydrophobic nanocoating is a coating at the nanometer level that makes the coated surface repel water. This type of coating is commonly applied to various surfaces, including fabrics, lenses, glass surfaces, and metals. Hydrophobic coatings can have multiple benefits, such as corrosion protection, anti-graffiti, water and oil resistance, and self-cleaning.Additionally, some nanocoatings may also have antimicrobial and photocatalytic properties.that contribute to greater cleanliness and safety in various applications.

nanorecubrimiento hidrofugo

   The coating creates a resistant layer that does not allow dirt to become embedded in the surface, making it easier to clean 

Reduces water consumption

What do they give us?


  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance

  • Eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals

  • Reduces the use of water and electricity

  • Cost savings

  • Extends the useful life of materials

  • Provides hardness avoiding scratching

  • Long duration

  • Self cleaning and easy cleaning

  • Prevent dirt from sticking

nanorecubrimiento hidrofugo

   The pearl effect produced by the drop of water,  due to the low contact angle with the surface, gives it self-cleaning properties, dragging away dirt as it passes. 

Avoid the use of harmful chemicals


  • High yields 

  • weather resistant

  • High scratch resistance

  • UV protection

  • Resistant to multiple organic solvents

  • very thin layers

  • Resistance to filiform corrosion

  • great durability

  • Very low or zero VOC emission.

Optimal qualities

  • easy application

  • Fast dry

  • Self-cleaning

  • Formulated with natural elements

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Applicable on other paints

  • They repel water and moisture

  • Excellent adherence and breathability

Easily cleanable surfaces 


It keeps the facades clean and prevents the formation of molds and microorganisms. Transparent and color solutions for any mineral surface.


Maintenance of interior and exterior wood free of moisture and microorganisms. Protects against UV rays


Maintenance of glass such as windshields, shower screens, windows or enclosures.  

Porous floors

It prevents stains from being embedded in the pores and keeps them clean, making it easier to clean.   


Keeps textiles free of stains and with an antibacterial effect. Avoid fading.


Prevents corrosion on metals and stainless steels, keeping surfaces clean. Protects against UV rays


Keeps tiles, ceramics, sinks, toilets clean, preventing limescale and dirt from entering the pores, making cleaning easier. 


Keeps plastics free of dirt, facilitates cleaning and prevents discoloration. 

Multifunctional properties


Transparent, invisible or colored anti-graffiti protections for different types of porous and smooth mineral surfaces, including wood, stainless steel, metals and textiles


Waterproofing solutions for continuous floors such as microcement, for swimming pools, terraces, roofs, etc. 


Anti-fingerprint solutions for stainless steel or glass, where you want to keep spaces pristine. 

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