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" We improve sustainability and efficiency in smart cities."

As members of the Smart City Cluster, we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to make our cities more efficient and liveable. Our products are aligned with this philosophy, since we contribute to creating spaces that, in an intelligent way, have the capacity to decontaminate the environment and improve people's quality of life. We offer cutting-edge technology that allows the creation of self-cleaning, self-disinfecting surfaces, thermal insulation, etc. which makes them great allies of these smart cities. Our coatings guarantee surfaces in an optimal state of hygiene and health, reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria inside buildings and public transport. We are excited to be able to collaborate with other members of the cluster to promote the development of the smart cities of the future and offer solutions that make urban spaces cleaner, safer and more sustainable.


The surfaces of the future are self-cleaning

With the ability to self-clean and self-disinfect, our solutions help keep urban surfaces cleaner, reducing the accumulation of dirt and preventing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. Contribute to creating a healthier and more sustainable city with our smart coatings.

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We contribute in Low Emission Zones

Our photocatalytic nanocoatings are the perfect solution to contribute in low emission zones, helping to decontaminate the air and create healthier and more sustainable environments.

Recubrimiento fotocatalitico

Fewer allergens, better indoor air quality

 Breathe easy in healthier indoor spaces free of allergens and pollutants. Our smart nanocoatings help purify indoor air, reducing the presence of particles and microorganisms that affect air quality. Improve the quality of life in your home, office or transport with our cutting-edge coating solutions.

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