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Thermal insulator

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Reduces energy consumption and environmental impact

"Save money on air conditioning and heating." 

Paints and coatings


These coatings work by creating a barrier resistant to heat and solar radiation on the surface of the roof or walls. By reducing the amount of heat transmitted through the surface, you can maintain a more stable temperature inside the building and reduce the need for air conditioning and heating. 

They are an excellent investment to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of the heat island effect in urban areas. They insulate thermally from cold and heat 

We have various solutions in paint and insulating coatings to apply en  vertical and horizontal walls, with high solar reflection power (85.5%) that can improve energy efficiency by up to 35%. In addition, its multifunction power can provide other benefits such as self-cleaning, antimicrobial, photocatalytic, etc.

    Reduces air conditioning costs (hot-cold) by more than 35%.

 3 manos de una de nuestras pinturas equivale a 8-10cm de panel sandwich.

"Reduce heat in your industrial or commercial space with Cool Roof technology and save on cooling costs." 

Cool roof 

The use of a cool roof in industrial buildings can have multiple benefits, including a significant reduction in the internal temperature of the building. On average, a cool roof can reduce the temperature inside an industrial warehouse by up to 10°C

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   They help mitigate theCO2 emissions

Technology to mitigate the heat island effect

Heat islands

The heat island effect occurs when urban surfaces, such as buildings and roads, absorb and retain solar heat during the day, slowly releasing it at night, increasing air temperatures in urban areas.

Thermal insulating coatings or paints reflect solar radiation and decrease the amount of heat absorbed, helping to keep surfaces cooler. In this way, the release of heat during the night is reduced and the air temperature in urban areas is lowered, helping to reduce the heat island effect.

The heat island effect affects our urban environment and we can combat it efficiently and sustainably 

Industrial treatments

Solutions for industry, for applications in metals, iron, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, which withstand high temperatures or extreme cold indoors and outdoors.  The treatment leaves the surfaces thermally insulated. For use in pipes, equipment, tanks, machinery. 

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   The revolution of coatings 

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