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fotocatalisis ambiental

Disruptive technology for surface protection: smart nanocoatings 

recubrimiento fotocatalitico

Welcome to the clean and sustainable technologies that are revolutionizing the world of cleaning, maintenance and construction.

Let's be part of the change

Innovation:  high-impact products, disruptive technology.

Sustainability: mindful cleanings, no harmful chemicals

Benefits: social, economic, environmental

pintura fotocatalitica


Keep facades, windows, solar panels and other outdoor infrastructure clean in an efficient and sustainable way, prolonging their useful life and reducing the carbon footprint. 

pintura fotocatalitica antibacteriana

Self disinfection

Disinfection 24/7/365 with a single application and on any surface. Efficacy with the most resistant microorganisms.

Nanorecubrimiento fotocatalitico

Environmental decontamination

High efficiency photocatalytic nanocoatings and nanopaints to purify the air, reduce pollution and improve people's quality of life.

pintura fotocatalitica descontaminante

Surface protection

We can transform delicate surfaces and give them properties: stain-resistant, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-mold, anti-graffiti, insulating.

What do we bring to the world?

How we help our clients

Imagine living in an environment where the air is purer, surfaces stay cleaner longer, and maintenance is minimal. In this world, worries about pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals are a thing of the past. With our nanocoatings, we make this future possible, protecting both the environment and people. We offer innovative and sustainable solutions that make life easier and safer for everyone.

"We make cleaning and maintenance an easier, safer and greener experience for you and the world."

Reducing pollution

  • The use of ecological products reduces pollution in the air and in the water.

  • If we apply 10m2 of photoactive nanoceramic we eliminate 20 times more pollution than a 100m2 grove

  • Avoiding the use of dangerous chemicals reduces environmental pollution and toxic discharges.

Improving energy efficiency

  • Insulating solutions on facades, roofs and glass that reduce energy consumption.

  • Decrease in energy and water in cleaning. 

Optimizing costs and resources

  • Reduction of cleaning and maintenance costs.

  • Saving of resources and their associated energy and water costs.

  • Greater wear durability of materials.

  • Health cost savings.

  • Increase in the useful life of the treated materials.


In Which sectors do we operate?

Hospitality Sector

We know the effort to keep the surfaces immaculate so that clients feel the sensation of security. Mold, self-cleaning glass, stain repellents on floors, textiles, odor removal...

Automotive industry

Ecological solutions for the care of private vehicles, fleets, workshops, car washes, etc. Rain repellents, bodywork waterproofs, cleaners, odor eliminators...

Schools, nurseries, institutes, universities, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, gyms.

Confined spaces where children and adults spend many hours. We guarantee indoor air quality and biosecurity.

Public and private transport

We make it possible to maintain sanitized spaces where the influx of people is high, reducing the spread of microorganisms and diseases. 

Photocatalytic solutions to improve air quality inside means of transport such as subways, buses,  aircraft, etc.

Conservation councils

Sustainable and effective solutions for the maintenance of the city and the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants. Anti-graffiti, water-repellent, anti-corrosive, anti-stain, waterproofing, photocatalytic solutions... that ensure cleaner and healthier spaces.

Construction and maintenance sector

Protecting surfaces is the best way to extend the life of materials, avoid continuous maintenance and add value to buildings. Anti-graffiti, water-repellent, anti-corrosive, anti-stain, waterproofing, photocatalytic solutions...

our footprint

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Local manufacturing 
in Spain
We reduce the footprint
We respect the 
We improve the 
quality of life

We protect people and the environment

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