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Other nanocoatings


Other nano solutions 

Choose advanced technology 


Treatment that acts by changing the molecular structure of the surface of mineral-based soils. 

It opens the pore at a microscopic level to increase the coefficient of friction, so that when the surface gets wet, a suction effect is created in the shoe or foot, increasing slip resistance.

indoor floors
Polished outdoor floors
Cemented outdoor floors 
Bathtubs and showers 

antideslizante nanorecubrimiento


​* Non-slip,

* Odorless and colorless.

* Applicable to mineral-based sliding surfaces.

* Clean, does not leave chemical residues.

* Safe, has no toxic effects.

* Preventive, prevents the formation of fungi and germs.

* Fast, can be used immediately to the application.

* Resistant to pressure washing (30-50 bars).

* It is not affected by exposure to UV rays or high temperatures.

* The appearance of the surface is not altered.

* Easy and fast application.

Some persistent problems are part of the past 

Anti mold 


Hydrophobic nanocoatings capable of eliminating the recurring problem of mold, fungus and spores. It makes a preventive barrier that will not allow mold and mildew to grow permanently and durably. 

nanorecubrimiento anti moho

   Put a barrier to mold 

Nanocoatings that make your life easier


Nanocoating that  enriches glass and plastic surfaces with anti-haze performance. The anti-fog aerosol prevents condensation by creating an ultra-hydrophilic film on the surface that causes tiny droplets of water vapor to disperse over the surface, thus preventing misting.

For best results, it should be applied weekly or monthly, as cleanup or large volumes of water will reduce performance due to a lack of chemical bond to the surface.

Applications include bathroom glass and mirrors, automobile glass, caravan windows, and household glass, including lenses.

nanorecubrimiento antivaho

  semi-permanent nano coating

High efficiency construction solutions

Repair buildings

Range of weather resistant products that protect and restore buildings.

Breathable solutions, protection against erosion, environmental contamination, extreme climates or exposure to UV rays.

Many of these products have a durability of 10 years.

nanorecubrimientos construcción

   Constructive solutions 

If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We have supplied other types of solutions, such as luminescent lights, road signs, .... 

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