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 Swimming pools solution



Ceramic Photoactive Silicate Sol Coating,

specially designed for swimming pools. It is a water-based, transparent and single-component product.

It is multifunctional, acts as  crystallizing repairer, ideal for micro-cracks and  reacts with sunlight or artificial light to purify water, helping to maintain the ph of the water in the pool. It has an excellent anti-algae effect.

 recubrimiento fotocatalitico piscinas
  • Reduce the use of chlorine

  • Eliminates bacteria, pathogens and contaminants from water. 

  • Prevents the formation of algae

  • Help regulate PH 

  • Decomposes grease residues from sun creams.

  • Repair micro cracks.


"Immerse your pool in photocatalytic technology and keep its water crystal clear and free of impurities".

On any surface

It can be applied on glass, ceramics, tiles, mortars, microcement, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel.

Without modifying the aspect 

In swimming pools, pool decks, fountains, spas. 

Reduces the use of chlorine and chemicals 

Healthier pools

  • three-dimensional crystalline ceramic

  • Reactive with sunlight or artificial light

  • Excellent adhesion to mineral surfaces

  • Great durability in extreme conditions

  • Fast dry

  • Low cost

  • Maintenance cost savings

  • Reduction of chemicals and chlorine

  • Keeps edges clean

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