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Photocatalytic technology

pintura fotocatalitica


Transparent photocatalytic nanocoatings that facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of outdoor surfaces

In exterior glass

Excellent results in maintaining cleanliness in porch windows, enclosures, railings, facades, roofs, etc.

They self-clean due to the  hidrophilic effect whith help of wind and rain. 

pintura fotocatalitica

   Easy maintenance

Save costs and resources 

In solar panels 


It keeps the solar panels clean due to its self-cleaning and antistatic effect for more than 4 years. 

In addition, its anti-reflective effect makes it absorb more light, thus increasing its performance. 

Excellent ally to save costs in cleaning, avoiding risks, easy to apply. 

You can see more detailed informationhere 

pintura fotocatalitica

 Increase the performance of your installation

Take advantage of sunlight, sustainable   

On facades and roofs 

It allows the continuous cleaning of facades and roofs, since it uses sunlight to break down pollutants in the air and prevent the accumulation of dirt, stains and prevents the formation of mold. In this way, a more efficient and sustainable maintenance of buildings is achieved, improving their appearance and prolonging their useful life.

pintura fotocatalitica

 Yopristine image

Clean cities with sunlight 

Historical heritage


Photocatalysis has become an essential tool for the maintenance of historical heritage.or, by preventing the formation of molds and decomposing the deposited contaminants. 

Reduces the need for costly and damaging cleanups.either


Provide a healthier experience: With fewer contaminants and microorganisms present, with cleaner surfaces, children can enjoy a healthier play experience on the playground, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being.


Street furniture

   Photocatalysis applied to street furniture can help keep it clean and free of stains. In addition, photocatalysis can reduce pollution in the surrounding air, which can improve air quality in urban areas and provide a healthier environment for residents.


  La tecnología de fotocatálisis permite la autolimpieza de lonas al descomponer los contaminantes orgánicos en la superficie, sin dejar residuos ni manchas. Además, los recubrimientos fotocatalíticos pueden mantener su efectividad durante años, lo que significa que las lonas se mantendrán limpias con poco o ningún mantenimiento adicional. 

You can also see self-cleaning solutions in the sectionwaterproof 

Superficie normal con materia orgánica e inogánica adherida
Superficie con nano capa fotocatalítica dónde la materia orgánica, que hace de unión,  pasa a ser inerte, perdiendo la adherencia. La materia inerte es fácilmente eliminada por efecto del viento y la lluvia, autolimpiándose.

How does it work?

The residual inert matter that is deposited on the surface is easily removed by the effect of rain and wind. 

The antistatic effect prevents dirt from adhering. 

Its hydrophilic effect with rain creates a curtain of water that washes away dirt without leaving residues or marks from drops of water, mud, etc. 

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