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fotocatalisis, fotocatalitico


Clean and sustainable technology  

The use of nanocoatings offers the possibility of modifying the behavior of materials in surprising ways.  They offer multiple benefits thanks to the unique properties conferred by nanotechnology. Their nanometric size allows them to penetrate surfaces at a molecular level, giving them great adhesion and durability. In addition, thanks to modifying their structure on a nanometric scale, they can transform the physical and chemical properties of surfaces to make them more resistant, hydrophobic, and antimicrobial, among other beneficial properties. All this translates into greater protection and durability of surfaces, which in turn reduces maintenance costs and improves the quality of life in interior and exterior spaces. 

Nano layers  ceramics  imperceptible to the human eye with multifunctional properties of high impact and efficiency, with high construction performance in terms of performance, adhesion, breathability, quick drying, easy application resistance to wear, weathering, corrosion, etc. .

Nanotechnology applied to nanocoatings offers an innovative and effective solution to protect and maintain surfaces in a more sustainable and efficient way.​

Nanocoatings resulting from research work with Universities,  Ministry of Defense, INTA, Boeing, Ciemat, etc.

Taking inspiration from nature

pintura fotocatalitica

Just as plant photosynthesis uses light energy, photocatalytic nanocoatings also use light energy to trigger chemical reactions and break down organic matter.

 Breaks down air and surface pollutants  such as NOX, VOC, NO, bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollen.Hereyou can see more information about photocatalysis. 


They mimic hydrophobicity by creating a surface that repels dirt, moisture, and water.

Ceramic layers that seal the surfaces and give them protection against scratches, weathering, heat, corrosion, etc. as well as non-stick properties,  repelling liquids and dirt.

pintura fotocatalitica

Barrier that protects surfaces from unwanted microorganisms. 

Physical barrier of innumerable points like blades that destroy any microorganism. This gives it a high power of self-disinfection 24/7/365 with a duration of up to one year.

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